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Our Lightweight Cast Limestone Architectural Products

Our lightweight cast limestone architectural elements are a great way to create an authentic, cut limestone look that requires no maintenance without sacrificing durability or longetivity.

We use a true crushed stone coating with a proprietary selection of admixtures designed to make our product hold up to the elements including freeze-thaw conditions. You cannot find our coating anywhere else!

We cast a polystyrene foam core into the center which makes our cast stone lightweight usually requiring no mechanical fasteners upon install, just adhesive.

We have spent many years perfecting the look of our cast limestone and most people cannot tell it apart from real limestone.

Our cast limestone provides many advantages to real limestone including:

  • Affordability
  • Durability, will not bend, warp, rot, etc
  • Easy to repair damaged pieces
  • Quick turnaround time when requiring additional pieces
  • The polystyrene core provides a large surface attachment area
  • Our faux limestone trim eliminates the maintenance and replacement problems normally associated with other types of trim
  • Lightweight, your mason will love the ease of installation!

Faux Limestone Architecture Products

When you’re ready to start the process of obtaining cast limestone trim for your project, contact us. We can provide consultation and advice, free of charge, and help you to create a special look.

From mouldings to casings; window sills, surrounds, wainscots, cornices, crown moulding, belly bands, quoins, corbels, wall caps, columns… You name it!

We can suggest profile shapes based off of the architecture and design of your home, or you can provide your own design, our casting techniques allow us to create any profile design at no additional charge

We will build your cast limestone to the dimension and color of your choice, then ship them to your site.

We strive to be as accommodating and flexible as possible, and to hopefully provide a pleasant experience. We will gladly be available for consultation with your contractor, architect, mason, designer, etc.

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