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A Keystone is a Central Stone at the Summit of an Arch, Locking the Whole Together

A beautiful keystone is a great way to enhance and personalize a home.  Keystones are often embellished to make an architectural statement and our keystones can be customized to your design, shape, size, lettering, etc.  Limestone alternative keystones are affordable without sacrificing the look and feel of real limestone.  Add the finishing touch to any door arch, window arch, etc.

It is true that Egyptian, Babylonian, Greek and Assyrian civilizations used arches for underground structures such as drains and vaults. However, it was the Roman civilization (1000 B.C.E. – 500 C.E.) that first began using a keystone (also called a capstone) in their arches. The keystone is the topmost stone in the arch.  The keystone helped to distribute the weight down the side supporting blocks (voussoir blocks) of the columns. With this design, the keystone is the “key” to supporting the arch, because if you remove the stone, the arch would collapse.[1]

Feel free to contact us to discuss with us any limestone keystone ideas that you may have.  If you can imagine it or find a picture of it on the internet, we can create it at an affordable price!


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