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Just cut, glue, & caulk!

If you are considering precast concrete, foam stucco trim, or real limestone trim… Listen up.

Design Stone Works offers high quality, beautifully hand textured faux limestone window surrounds, sills, and trim. Our limestone trim is cost-effective at about 32% of the cost of solid cut-limestone trim. We are also very competitive when compared to precast & stucco window surrounds. Calling our product “faux” limestone is precast alternative faux limestone window surroundactually not completely accurate as we do use a true crushed limestone plaster comprised limestone & portland cement.

The look and elegance of our faux limestone trim is second to none. Our trim looks, feels, & ages just like real, cut, quarried limestone.

We can finish and texture our limestone trim to our customers desires. Whether you want a modern, smooth, crisp look or a weathered, aged, chipped look… we can accomplish it. Radius WindowArched entry? No problem!

Our workshop is located in Ogden, UT but we ship all of our products anywhere in the U.S.

Add architectural class, style and a more sophisticated look to your home, give us a call today!

How to Finish Around New Windows

When installing new windows in an existing home, a common problem is experienced; what to do with the gap that had to be created when removing old windows, and flashing new windows.

Generally, this requires around a 5-6” removal of stucco, on stucco exteriors. I’ve seen contractors patch in around the new window, then color match the stucco, or patch in and re-stucco the entire home, which is far preferable, as the color is almost impossible to match other wise. Faux Limestone Window Surround & Belly Band

Obviously this is a relatively expensive option, and one that doesn’t add a lot of value in terms of enhancing the looks of the home for the dollars spent. You end up with the same basic look you started with, only with new windows.

We at Design Stone Works have another option. After installation of the new windows and flashing, the gap created from removed stucco can be filled with eps foam strips, then covered with an Acrylistone limestone alternative window surround moulding. Add a nice sill on the bottom of the window and you’ll transform your home’s looks completely.

Depending upon the architecture of  your home we can design and build a shape the exact size, shape, color, and texture, that will add character and value to your home. Contact us today for consultation and a bid!


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